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Linde 396 - H60D / H70D / H80D / H80D-900 / H80D-1100
  • Unmatched performance (powerful & agile)
  • Superior ergonomics
  • Designed-in durability (customer driven design)
  • Ecological excellence
  • Exceptional safety
  • Lowest maintenance & operating costs


Linde hydrostatic drive
Seam-welded full belly-pan construction
Low RPM industrial engines
Shock-mounted components
Built-in fail-safe brake system
Pressurized hydraulic system
Linde Torsion System (LTS) with overhead tilt cylinders


No friction brakes, clutch or torque converter; infinite speed control
Belly pan fortifies frame, protects components, acts as skid plate
Maximum RPM is 2,100; 1,050 RPM at 7 MPH
Shock mounting protects components against road shock damage
Trucks are not able to coast under any circumstances
Pressurized hydraulics - no contamination of system, extends life
Optimum operator protection/load stress relief


Unrivaled truck controllability = increased productivity
Decreased maintenance expense, longer truck life
Reduced maintenance expense/waste oil, increased productivity
Longer component life & reduced maintenance costs
Increased safety in operation, reduced operator stress
Longer maintenance intervals, less cost, less downtime
Increased stability/productivity, reduced operator stress


Model: H60D / H70D / H80D / H80D-900 / H80D-1100 - Diesel
Load Capacity: 13,000 lbs. - 17,500 lbs. (refer to spec)
Wheelbase: 85.0 in. - 110.6 in. (refer to spec)
Height of Overhead Guard/Cab: 108.11 in.
Length to Forkface: 135.4 in - 162.5 in. (refer to spec)
Overall Width: 74.5 in - 90.5 in. (refer to spec)
Download Specifications D-Model
Download Specifications T-Model


Transmission oil/filter change - NOT REQUIRED
Tilt cylinder greasing - NOT REQUIRED
Mast mounting greasing - NOT REQUIRED
Engine oil/filter change = every 300/1000 hours
Hydraulic oil/filter change = every 3,000/6,000 hours
Hydrostatic drive deletes TC trani, clutch, differential & drum brakes
Tires are up to three (3) times the life!